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Pain is Good Medium Screamin’ Wing Sauce #218 Buffalo Bleu Cheese Review

Hello Fellow Chili Heads and Sauce Lovers Extraordinaire!

Today is a great day. It’s the middle of winter, and yet the sun is shining gloriously here. The temperature outside is almost 70 degrees! Can you believe it? Well I wouldn’t suggest cleaning out the swimming pool quite yet, but I do suggest that you check out this product that I found. I can’t wait to try it tonight on some barbequed chicken tenders.

Pain is good.

Medium Screamin’ Wing Sauce

#218 Buffalo Bleu Cheese.

Well, this is “Atomic Eh?” and I have found that it has become a trend in this area to create and boast about who makes the best hot wings possible. I figure that if everyone else is doing it…well in this case, I might too. I love wing sauce. The spicier it is, the better. It seems like everyone has a different take on what is good, myself included. Some people like a vinegar sauce, while others want a creamy sauce. Some like it thin, some like it thick. What attracted me to this bottle was that the label has a picture of some dude in a hat, with his mouth open, screaming in agony. It took me right back to the life altering time I consumed a tablespoon of Cajohn’s Black Mamba Sauce.  If you haven’t tried it…it’s a must! Good for removing at least seven of your cat’s nine lives!

Not only does the label look good but also the color of the sauce is amazing. It is a thick, bright, burnt orangish, red color with red cayenne pepper seeds, garlic, brown sugar, and spices. The sauce inside this bottle just looks perfect…it made me instantly hungry when I saw it. Not the kind of sauce that makes you pass right by, but something that makes you wonder, “What the heck is that gonna taste like and how bad is it gonna burn me?” This bottle wasn’t cheap, almost eight dollars, but again, I just had to try it. The bottle is a nice size. It’s 13.5 ounces of pure flavor. For the beginners, it even gives a recipe for how to use this sauce. I can appreciate that cause every sauce can be used in a different way. So this time I am just going to follow the producer’s directions and hope for the best.
Upon opening this bottle, my first thought is, “Huh?” Yes, I know, not the educated, sophisticated response you were expecting right? But let me ask you something, what is your initial response to sticking your nose in a pile of blue cheese going to be? In my opinion, (keeping in mind that I do love blue cheese), is that blue cheese doesn’t have that comfort food kind of smell. So, I can smell the cheese as well as the apple cider vinegar, and garlic, but my true first impression of this sauce does not begin to form until I have tasted it, tasted it again…and oh my God, I can’t stop eating this sauce! It’s very addictive and on chicken it is going to be even better!

Label Bottle Design:
I recognized the label immediately when I began to pass it going down the isle. Most of their products- jerks, hot sauces, and marinades have a similar label so if you fall in love with this product, watch out! There are lots more to try. Their slogan is “Pain is good!” I, myself, can appreciate that considering that I love hot, spicy, and flavorful foods.

Sauce Consistency and Flavor: The sauce is thick and flows well from the bottle. There are bits of chunks and spices that personally cause me to salivate with anticipation. I love to see the ingrediants in sauces. The flavor is rich and bold. A little goes a long way. Fresh bell pepper dipped in ranch dressing compliments this very well. It has the flavor of the Bleu Cheese without the saltiness that usually comes with the cheese. In regards to heat factor, I would say it’s a mild sauce but in regards to spice flavor…over the top! It really covers the meat nicely and makes for an appealing dish. My suggestion would be to cut up the chicken into slices and have them as “sneakers” (AKA appetizers) while the rest of your food is cooking. I don’t think I would use them ever as a main dish because they are so rich, but definitely something good to snack on while the New York steaks are cooking on the grill.

Conclusion: I really like this wing sauce. It has just an explosion of flavor that caused me to eat far more then I expected. The heat is a level that I think most people that like hot wings can enjoy. It’s not the kind of heat that is not going to cause your spouse to be angry at you for the rest of the night for, but is also packing enough flavor to intrigue most dedicated chili heads. I am going to try to add some Red Savina Pepper mash or Da Bomb Ghost Pepper sauce to it the next time I use it…just to put the heat factor over the top without affecting the taste. This company is huge and makes many other kinds of sauces as well. From the extract “Da Bomb” products to Zarda BBQ; they have it all! My personal favorite product they make is called “Da Bomb Ghost Pepper hot sauce”. It goes with everything to kick up the Atomic factor. You can find this and others at For flavor, consistency, and label design, definitely a five out of five.

This is “Atomic Eh?” telling you to once again, keep it hot and keep it spicy.

Most of all,


© 2011, All rights reserved.

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